First – 29th January 2021

Stanley Tseke

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First – 29th January 2021

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I am happy to mention that LinkedIn has increased the number of groups that anyone can join at any particular time.


They have increased it from 50 to 100. That means that you can now join up to 100 groups at any particular time.

So, I am just curious, you are interested in negotiations and increasing your revenue, right?

Okay, I have helped found a special group here on LinkedIn, Peak Performance Selling. I believe the group’s discussions are relevant to your interest.

The group, by its structure and framework, is for Sales Professionals, Business Executives, or Entrepreneurs. It helps in influencing, negotiations, and achieving consistent sales results.

I believe that your joining the Peak Performance Selling group would be of great benefit to you because it will assist you in reaching out to like-minded individuals. It provides valuable information on the power of influence, negotiations, and revenue increase. It would also help you in selling your ideas to Executives.

Okay, I recommend that you join this group:

It is a particular group. Its framework would help you take your power of influence and revenue to a new higher level. This boost would be through information sharing and connection with like-minded people. Together we would be able to contribute to the benefit of every member.

Yes, I believe there is much value for you in being a member of the group.

Stanley Tseke
Stanley Tseke
The #1 Peak Performance Selling Expert. Stanley helps salespeople, business executives, and entrepreneurs with a whole new mindset, wellbeing, and personality to consistently sell at their peak performance levels.

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