19th January 2021 – Scheduled for 30 minutes

Stanley Tseke

Stanley Tseke helps salespeople and organisations
operate consistently at peak performance level

19th January 2021 – Scheduled for 30 minutes

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Thanks for getting in touch. It is a real pleasure to have connected with you 😊

I particularly appreciate your joining of the Peak Performance Selling group.


Peak Performance Selling is the practice of consistently selling your ideas, products, or services at the highest level that you can achieve. It involves balancing your critical thinking and emotional intelligence with introspecting.


As a way to maximize your experience within the group, I recommend that you visit the group’s Conversations Page regularly. Other than your reading and perhaps commenting on inspiring posts, you can also participate by posting relevant articles that meet the values of the group. Also, you can ask related questions.


Please, I also advise that you read the Group Rules.


I look forward to sharing, learning, and challenged by your membership and active participation in this special group.


I found this community as a way of creating a platform for sales professionals, business executives, or entrepreneurs who are interested in consistent high sales results, revenue increase, and peak performance selling.


An easy way to be active in the group is by you commenting on the posts of others, or posting a link to an interesting, relevant sales article originally published by you or someone else.


The group frowns severely at any post/conversation that is not relevant to the community’s values and will treat such as junk or spam, and will, therefore, delete such post!


I believe there is much value for you in being a member of this group.

Stanley Tseke
Stanley Tseke
The #1 Peak Performance Selling Expert. Stanley helps salespeople, business executives, and entrepreneurs with a whole new mindset, wellbeing, and personality to consistently sell at their peak performance levels.

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