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Concise, intuitive, and practical, these 12 insights will help you step up your game and consistently achieve a peak performance level of selling.

12 Tips That Will Consistently
Boost Your Sales Results

Here are some critical questions to get you started:

  • How is your personal brand?
  • What would you do after a lost sale?
  • What can bring you consistent high sales results?

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About Stanley Tseke

A humorous and insightful storyteller, Stanley Tseke is the author of the upcoming game-changing book PEAK PERFORMANCE SELLING The 3 Ultimate Strategies to Help You Consistently Achieve High Sales Results—a must-read if you want to take your sales skills and results to the next level.

Stanley is also the creator of the Peak Performance Selling System — a system that offers salespeople, business executives, and entrepreneurs a whole new mindset, wellbeing, and personality to sell at their peak performance level consistently.

He is the #1 Peak Performance Selling Expert.

What People Are Saying

  • Mary Galatioto

    Sales Director at Carefree Boat Club

    “I find the 12 SALES TIPS Keys to Unlocking Your Peak Performance Selling as truly timeless sales tips that will benefit not only executives and professionals that are new to sales but also the experienced! Stanley’s tips are empowering and motivational, a MUST read!”

  • Suzane Sassine

    Sales Executive at CC Staffing International Ltd.

    “The 12 Sales Tips little book summarizes the most important aspects of becoming a Sales Superstar. The provided tips illustrate how a specific mindset and personality type, combined with the appropriate sales techniques, constitute the secret recipe for becoming a successful Deal Maker. I find the material presented very powerful and feasible to apply, highly recommended for anyone interested in boosting his/her sales performance.”

  • Daniel Maragh

    Protection Consultant at Wealthmax Financial Ltd.

    “Having achieved much success in sales over the past 10 years, it is good to finally find a book that perfectly captures and condenses the basis of being a consistent achiever. This book has indeed not only been essential in keeping me on track to maintain success within my current sector; it has also been a self-diagnostic tool that has helped me to rectify lapses in performance. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is a sales professional or involves with sales.”

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