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Stanley Tseke, born into a poor home, once lived on leftovers of school children.

His realisation of the meaning of his name, ‘Tseke’, brought a turning point to his life.  The name translated from Itsekiri language means “Do it now!”

He has gone on to have some incredible business successes with some failures on the way. 

Stanley is a ‘Change Expert’ who uses sublime motivation, NLP, and hypnotherapy techniques to dramatically bring desired change to individuals and organisations. He is now acclaimed to be among the fastest rising motivational speakers.  Here is a speaker to whom you can’t stop listening.  He speaks with astonishing glow and power from his heart, yet entertaining.

Recently, Stanley spoke at the prestigious House of Commons, London, and his speech titled ‘Secret of Success’ was lauded as being awesome.

He is a special gem.  An enlightening and motivational speaker on personal and corporate growth and transformation, he easily impacts what it takes to do it now.

Stanley’s core belief is: Do It Now!  It is amazing how this belief has become his identity.  Little wonder, folks call him Mr Doitnow.

Living daily the principles of personal and corporate empowerment, improvement and effectiveness he teaches, Stanley believes that “Life has abundance for everyone.  You only experience what you have chosen to identify with and can have as much as you responsibly accept.  All that is required of you is to Do It Now!”

An Economist and a Salesman by training, he has gracefully threaded through the warm mill of professional selling.  He is a certified Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

He is a foremost authority on the psychology of change - personal, professional and organisational turnaround - an identity he has established, through his consistent ability to help individuals and organisations, create outstanding results.

His unique style of presentation can allow you to easily and quickly Step Up From Within. He has the remarkable ability to capture and hold audience attention with a fast-moving combination of stories, humour, concrete and practical ideas that bring about immediate changes and long-term results.

His commitment to the transformation of individual and organisation mindset has led to the birth of non-profit Stanley Tseke Foundation with the flagship Mind Angels.

With help from people like you, the foundation provides assistance to the mentally unbalanced individuals across the globe.

A new book by Stanley which holds astounding revelations on the mechanics and art of creating anything you want, would be released to the public soon.

Stanley enjoys a fantastic family life. He lives in London with his wife Temisan.

Stanley’s Top 5 Values

•    Love and Connection
•    Health and Fitness
•    Wealth and Growth
•    Gratitude
•    Contribution

Stanley’s Top 5 Beliefs

•    The universe is cooperating with me for the realisation of my dreams.
•    Once I am committed to a goal, I find a way or create one to succeed.
•    Every experience of mine is empowering.
•    I alone choose what I experience.
•    Life is easy, sweet and fantastic!

Stanley’s Core Belief

           Do it now!
 "Success and failure are the sides of same coin, but do not toss it, make a choice."
          - Stanley Tseke

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