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Stanley Tseke is available for your Sales Events,
Annual Employee Rally, and Conferences.

"Stanley helps individuals and organisations to Step Up From Within. He teach people the secrets of the 'I am principle' ... in an entertaining, enthralling, and enlightening way that will equip, empower, and encourage your sales force or team to increase their productivity as they Step Up From Within."

As a keynote speaker, I have a passion for entertaining while empowering others to excel and succeed.

In my use of personal stories of struggle, grit and perseverance that epitomize the triumph of one that once lived on leftovers of school children; I invite audiences to enter their own hearts and Step Up From Within into living their dreams in the present moment.  As they do step up, they leave behind things that separate them from one another and forge a fantastic affinity on coming to a realisation of their common humanity.

In a state of such an enhanced community, they are then prepared to get the most out of the conference or meeting programs.

Participants usually sense my passion and enthusiasm right away.  My delivery is identifiable with actionable leverage points where little shifts in behaviour can produce massive shifts in performance results.

Just imagine what happens to a company’s competitive market if they simply improve sales by 1%, cut inventories by 1%, cut receivables by 1% and increase gross margin by 1%.  And that’s just the beginning!

I do spend considerable time customizing my programs so that my materials speaks directly to your group, fitting their specific needs, and your own challenges, needs, and desires.

So if you really want a unique, dynamic, and entertaining as well as provocative and imaginative speaker who can motivate, challenge and just give people a good time, I am your guy because that’s exactly what my passion and commitment will do.

Keynote Topic
  • Do It Now

How to Hire Stanley

To book Stanley or inquire about his availability, please call or email him directly for a prompt response.

Stanley Tseke’s technical requirements for keynotes

I understand that sometimes it is unavoidable to work with some budgetary and technical limitations.

However, the audience should be able to see and hear me clearly and easily.  The greater the quality of sound and lighting, the more your audience will benefit from my presentation.

If you have any questions or require further information, please call me directly at +44(0)2081770456, +44(0)7878335594 or email me at stanley@stanleytseke.com

A professional sound system appropriate to the venue should be provided.  In order of preference, I can work with these styles of microphone:
  • Wireless headset
  • Wireless lavaliere (Clip on)
  • Wireless handheld
  • Corded handheld
  • Corded on stand
Please make a provision for an appropriate microphone for the audience to use, as they might be audience participation.
I will be on site early for the opportunity of a sound check.

A stage with a warm ambience is sufficient as long as the audience can see me clearly.

However, for a large audience, a stationary spot may be required.  Where a spotlight is used, please let it be a stationary spot unless there is a qualified technician to manage it.

It is usual in Hotel Conference/Banquet rooms to have overhead recessed lighting, which at best will illuminate the top of my head.  In such situations, please ensure that the house lights are up.

Sight Lines
Sight lines should allow everyone a clear view of me. This means that I prefer to work on a raise platform of at least 18 inches high unless the venue is amphitheatre style.

On a Stage
Where in my presentation is on stage, please provide the following:
  • Chair (dining room type of chair is sufficient)
  •   Small table
  • Small bottle of water
  • Drinking glass
  • Appropriate vase of (real or artificial) flowers
  • Small table clock ( if a clock is not visible to me from the stage)
I prefer to not have a podium between the audience and myself.  In a situation where people preceding me on the programme use a podium. Please if it is mobile; arrange to move it to the side before introducing me.

Proximity to Audience
The stage or riser should not be more than eight feet away from the first row of seats or tables. In situations where there is a dance floor, I should not be tucked away at a far end corner of a stage.  Being close to the audience will greatly enhance the impact of my presentation.

Waiting Staff
If the programme is after a meal, please ensure the entire waiting staffs leave the floor before the programme. Noise and motion of servers at work will be distracting to the audience. I prefer not to work with servers on the floor.

Video Magnification
For a large audience (more than 450-500 people), you might want to consider arranging for video magnification to enhance the impact of my presentation.

Video and Audio Recording
I approve the video and audio recording of my presentation under the following conditions:
  • The product is for in-house and non-commercial purpose only.
  • The final product clearly displays the following test: “For more information about Stanley Tseke see: www.stanleytseke.com
  • I receive a master DVD or CD of my presentation.

Contact Me
If you have any questions about the technical requirements, please contact me directly at:
"Practicing the law of silence that requires that you talk economically and stay away from gossip is an act of love."
          - Stanley Tseke

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