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Settle for Excellence ...
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Settle for Excellence by Dr. Topher Morrison

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Settle for Excellence is being hailed as “the self-help book for people who are tired of self-help books!” with its down-to-earth approach and refreshing style. You will not find get-rich-quick schemes, magic cures to fixing your relationships, or magic pills to lose weight. Instead, this book delivers the tried and true, real life techniques for tapping into greater potential, releasing unhealthy limitations, and achieving a level of happiness in your life that has been out of reach – until now.



The 3 Irrefutable Laws of Human Nature
How breaking them can make you a prisoner of failure…for life!

5 Ways Your Thoughts Sabotage Your Success
How you can stop them before they stop you!

Breakaway from Therapy
How “breakthroughs” hold you back!

2 Steps to End Disagreement
…with those you love - including yourself!

7 Benefits of staying in a comfort zone!
(yes, you read that right!)

And Much Much More!

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Settle for Excellence b...

Settle for Excellence ...