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Stanley Tseke

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Audio Recording 1


  • “I had no idea how all that was going to manifest, but I did not fear to dream or when the visions came.”
  • If you are stuck on how to manifest your dreams into reality, this episode is for you! Learn what necessary and practical steps you will need to start taking to achieve the goals and life you have always wanted.
  • “We have to think, ‘Okay, in order to have this vision that I have, what specific skills would I need to develop this year, next year, over the next five years, and over the next ten years to get there?’”
  • If you have felt stalled in your progress and behind with your goals, follow this training to get yourself on the right path to reach your biggest dreams.
  • To begin practicing these four tips today, complete the worksheet for this training here.
  • Already have the High Performance Planner and CRUSHING each and every day? Let’s celebrate you! Take a photo with your planner and use #HPXlife or #TeamHPX.
Stanley Tseke
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