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Today 8th March 2013 View Full Article

   Author : Stanley Tseke, Posted on : 08/03/2013 08:42:10

Well, we haven’t really changed anything related to text editors. They are there before our interaction with the code. Let me tell you, people ask for us to implement text editors so that they can add contents easily. If you use text editor compatible browsers, you will definitely like that.


*** OK. (What would it take for you to implement such a Text Editor. I hope it is not pricey! Otherwise, I would wait until I get the website re-designed for the issue to be resolved J)  ***



(b). When I clicked on “Weight Loss” under the “Article Name”, the whole list in the article appeared merged together as a single paragraph.

Same as Admin CMS point 8(c)



What I seem not to be clear about is that – is it no longer possible for me to easily post materials with listed items in the way that I used to do before the site/CMS issues? Can’t I post a material and get it displayed orderly as in:





Same as Admin CMS point 5 and 8(c).


 (d).  And when I opened on the website Free Articles > Looking and Feeling Good > Weight Loss > Testing: it opened the article with the whole text all merge together as a single paragraph.

Same as Admin CMS point 8(c)



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