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The 7 Fears of Selling #1 View Full Article

   Author : Stanley Tseke, Posted on : 15/11/2010 10:16:19

Nowhere has the mind of man been so quickly gripped and sometime tortured with fear than the corridors of death, public speaking and professional selling.

I once witnessed a salesperson on his first day at work.  He had just completed a two day sales training.  He looked forward to the day with a cheeky grin, anticipating his sales commission.

Soon he came face to face with his first prospect.  The conversation ended before it really started.  He looked petrified as he walked up to me.  I listened to his excuses for now wanting to quit the job.  He had just witnessed the sales black dragon.

No salesperson is exempted from facing the sales black dragon - the 7 fears of selling.  Though professional salespeople don’t usually quit as a result of these fears, the impact of the sales black dragon on their sales results and remuneration can sometime be serious.

The extent to which a salesman manages these fears do easily determine whether he remains just as a salesman or he becomes a sales superstar.

The following are the 7 fears that have to be understood, embraced and managed effectively on the path to becoming a sales superstar:

1.      Fear of failure.

2.      Fear of rejection.

3.     Fear of being sacked.

4.      Fear of what to say.

5.      Fear of not being considerate (pushy).

6.      Fear of competition.

7.      Fear of learning sales skills.





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